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Fear TWD

I know that this is a different game but you haven’t updated fear The Walking Dead you could add all these new characters like Althea & morgen & John & many others

App Support

Game crashes constantly and app support is nonexistent.

Could have been the best game, community is dead now.

This could have been one of the most popular and active games for possibly a few years. However. They limit you to a single character, then demand 5$ to make another one, then 10$ for the third and so on. Keeps doubling. They give you inventory for twelve items. Then 5$ fo another 6 slots, then 10$ for 6 more, and so on keeps doubling. To raise level, easy up to 20. Then they outright double the exp required to level up. Guess what happens when you reach 30-40? I hope you enjoy doing the same mission 1000s of times until you get to 50+but guess what it gets better, if your raiding for experience, guess what else you have to do? You betcha, you have to watch at least 5-10 advertisements. Wanna join a top ranked guild so you have a chance to earn free gems instead of paying for them? There’s a limit to how many people can join P.S there’s only 5 guilds capable of getting you any gems in the whole game cause they’re at the top and always will be. You know why? Cause there’s only 5 guilds worth of players left in the whole game that actively play. The community is dead and locked behind paywalls for what’s bordering on things that are needed to be offered for free. There would be thousands more players in this well developed game if it wasn’t for a developer team so fixated on getting money before offering a good game. 9 times out of 10 a player will spend money on a game he/she enjoys over and over again, before they start opening up there wallet cause it’s necessary to enjoy the game to its fullest. Honestly I probably would have paid 60$ for this game, same as a new console game. Had that been it, and gems weren’t required for things that should be free. For example making a character and inventory slots and the ridiculous increases to exp required to level up and the need to watch’s hundreds of ads, to have lucky charms so you can raid for exp. They had an energy system, and removed it after tons of complaints, then reimplemented it through lucky charms, and increasing exp requirements. Just walk away from this game and don’t look back. It could have been the best, but once again ruined by money grubbing developers. I’ve kept my eye on the game since release praying it would be the newest best game we’ve all been waiting for, and I’m just left utterly disappointed. If they revamp the whole game and throw out some ads, saying they’ve changed it for the better of the customers. I bet thousands of players would return to dumb they’re lives into it. But I doubt the dev team has it in them to make the best game on the market for years to come. Good luck dev team. I had high hopes and aspirations for your guys. But I play this game less and less, and I figured I may as well let you and the community know why.

Fun game, encountered a game breaking problem

I have fun playing this game, but I can’t progress any further as I cannot move past a point in the game. A tutorial shows up each time I start to play the game but I cannot move past it as the game is already on the option the tutorial wants me to pick and refuses to register when I am choosing the option. I’d like to continue playing the game but this issue is making that impossible.


The role cannot be created and cannot be returned to the main interface

Fix the servers

Love the game, can’t stand the server issues. Sometimes over a minute to wait when crafting an item just to be given a message saying could not connect to the server. Seriously amazing game, just can’t stand the server issues.

“Sorry boss”

It keeps telling me that there was server maintenance and that I’ll have to restart the game but it’s been many hours now and nothing as change 🤷🏽‍♂️

Can’t stop

I can’t stop playing this game! I just love how you can attack, make friends and so much more! This game is just amazing!!!


Honestly, wow

Update & Paywall

First off, I LOVE the humor and feeling of the game. Everything from design to playability to the feeling of being a boss is wonderful. This game also looks like it lets you progress one character fully without paying to play. That being said, this game has one of the mid to highest paywalls I’ve seen. Want more than 10 inventory slots (which honestly isn’t much when you get a ton of loot or double it)? That’ll be $5. Want space for another character? $10. Want to reset skills? $2. I have always felt like skills should be a soft reset or reduce character level or something just because people want to play with builds. I built a vampiric dragon, then trashed him because I realized I made a mistake in skill selection and couldn’t do anything about it. It’s easier to just start over. So instead of making us start over, why not just...let us keep the character? It’s not so much about the money as it is I feel as though I cannot function in game with what is given inventory and skill wise. The gear creation is perfect.

This game was made for reaping.

Honestly, this is probably the best satire of rpg npcs and players. The dialog is witty and clever, the story is simple but rich, and the characters are believable but also crazy. The gameplay, despite being an idol game, isn’t very idol. It fills you with the rape to reap the souls of all PCs. Some things I would like to see in future builds are more status effects, more races, more classes, an expanded story, or maybe just racial benefits. Keep in mind that I’m only in the second world right now. Ps - vamp needs a buff.


I really liked the game I’m a girl and I really don’t like games like this but I really enjoyed it. I had it for a few days and then it kicked me out of the game and when I got back on it , it said that I needed to go to the App Store and update it. There was no update available when I went on the App Store so I deleted the app turned off my phone and re downloaded it !!! But it still didn’t work?!!! So now I can’t even play !

Broken as F***k

Constant crashes, pay to win, pay wall for everything

Maintenance problems

After the recent maintenance it won’t let me update

Like a Boss

This game is great and a lot of fun .The only downfall is when it’s time to update the game it should be made available to download so we can continue to play the game ... 06-13-2018 thanks from a dedicated player


This was a fantastic idea most games with this story would involve you being the hero but then the one random guy is like why don’t we make the player the bad guy and it was a great idea. Definitely one of the best mobile games I have played.

Love it!

Great game; as has been said, it has a wonderful sense of humor (like when you’re slaughtering adventurers and one of the healers says “how the hell are we supposed to heal THAT” xD) Gameplay is fun and you can play on auto, while stepping in to use skills or move as desired. Very nice!


This game is amazing all around it looks amazing works amazingly the NPC’S are so funny

Ok concept that gets boring quick.

I’m really starting to hate iOS games. They all seem to be made from the same recipe book. Sure the skin is different but the bones are always the same. It gets super boring very quickly. I feel like these games are made to just entice people to pay money quickly but then you soon realize that it’s just more of the same and paying money will just get you more of the same just quicker. After 30 minutes with this game I knew everything that I needed to know. It was almost like I could see the future, an unfun, bland future.


Can’t open


Dear developers, I’ve had this game for a while and I have to say it’s easily my favorite mobile game. All of the game’s NPC dialogue are shaped in the cleverest ways possible which just is icing on the cake to the levels themselves. Speaking of levels, they start off quite easy but start to pick up in difficulty, making them more challenging and more fun everytime. Of course, the game never lets you be stuck on a hard level for long with daily rewards, lucky charms, etc. However, there are problems. I’ve seen an annoying glitch where I’ll select my lucky charms, try to play, and then it simply buffers until I am forced to reload it, losing all charms in the process. Also, the story isn’t very creative. Granted it has its different objectives but there isn’t really one true thing your working towards. However, seeing as how often it’s updated I doubt these problems will remain for long. Can’t wait to see what becomes of the game.

Fun game

Only 4 out of 5 stars for micro transaction pay to win/get ahead

What I needed

The game is smooth and easy to understand. It takes a comedic spin on being an “evil overlord”, the game is so worth playing.

Too many crashes

This game is great fun but when you spend actual money on rubies and use the rubies for the level and then the game crashes and you just lose the rubies, it really kills this game. Now I've used my iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 to run this game and they both crash on the same parts. I've reported these issues and yet heard back or had anything happen to make right. This has potential but sadly they aren't correcting game breaking bugs. I don't recommend this game until they fix these awful crashes and bugs. Update: the developers are actually listening to players on this game and fixing the crashes. The game still crashes but it’s good to see progress being made and receiving feedback.

Game would be amazing but delete before tutorial

It’s sad that I had high hopes for this game that I would grind and play this non stop but then they it just has to bug out. I can’t progress the tutorial I’m stuck in can’t tap the “cursed chapel” node I tried reaching out to sup I’ve been waiting for days and still no reply it’s just sad.

Needs optimization.

I really really wanted to like the game. But it’s completely unoptimized for iPhone X. There are parts of the screen with icons or menus that are completely hidden or are half way visible. Could barely get past the tutorial due to a game breaking glitch. Has to restart multiple times. Please optimize the game for iPhone X. The device has been out on the market long enough for everyone else to adapt their games to the screen, why this hasn’t been done here is beyond me.

Lovely but upset

Love the game but you guys it took 3 days for the update to show up in App Store I couldn’t play it for 3 days other than that 👌🏾💯

Looks better than it actually is

I’ve played this game maybe 5 times and each time I’ve opened the app, I’ve needed to update it. The entire game just feels like one big interactive tutorial. Honestly not worth the data it takes up. Step up your game... literally.

Dolly pardons

White devil magic! It’s fixed. Don’t be readin my thoughts!


This game is absolutely fabulous. But one thing I think would improve it would be more specie of bosses. But this game is amazing.

Great game

Only thing I wish they added was a damage tracker to see how much damage you actually deal just to see how much stronger you get with new items that you craft. Other than that the game is pretty sick

Cool game... If only I could play it

I’ve been having a problem with this game for a while now. Every time I try to get in it, it kicks me out before the game finishes loading. Is there any way to fix this.


Every time my inventory isn’t big enough to hold all of my loot I sell some then try to drag the rest in inventory.....then the game crashes and I don’t have the stuff. This has happened 3 times but other than that great game!!!!


I want to love this game. I really do. It crash’s a lot. It crash’s at point where u spend gold and other resources to beef up your character during a big battle and then when you receive your loot, the game crashes and you lose all your progress and loot. I tried to reach out to the developers twice and still no response. If the could communicate or even send in game content to compensate for the waste of time I have spent with crashes I would consider putting more time into this game. Other than that avoid the game cause it’s just gonna crash


It would be cool if you added more customization to the bosses and customization to minions

Loot crash

Whenever I get a screen saying I need to sell items because I don’t have enough room, the app crashes.

Good but one thing

It keeps on glitching if you try to place a item any where except an inventory slot but the game overall is super good.


Game glitched and closed down after a loading screen. I had previously used 100 rubies that I bought from a booster to double my loot but after the close, it just took my hundred rubies and gave me the single loot, not the double...

ALMOST a breath of fresh air for phone games

Crashed three times today on the screen where you have to make room for more accessories or sell. Lost tons of loot. And I’m sick of the white bar at the bottom of the screen. Why on earth is there the bar right there? iPhone X. It sits right on top of the action bar and makes it really difficult. Sometimes you swipe out of the app just trying to press the action bar. Makes no sense. This game is frustrating because it is actually one of the best iPhone games I’ve played. But that doesn’t mean anything if the experience with the game is aggravating like this. The game also makes the phone run hot and drains battery at Mach speed. Honestly that part is much more forgivable because the gameplay and design make up for it.


Totally awesome

Amazing potential, needs refining

Great game all round, but there are so many things that can be done! First, I would like you to add a "dungeon defense" mode where you can put down defenses, minions and your other bosses, you would be able to switch between bosses at will, when your throne is destroyed, game over and you get rewards according to your time survived. Second, minions should be better, allow us to equip minions with their own gear, make it so your troops can spawn in different presets (starting with 3 or 4), also, let us decide to bring 1 of our own bosses or a personalized minion bodyguard regiment instead of a random other boss on the internet. Third, more classes and differences between races, (such as racial skill lines), orcs, minotaurs and dark elves oh my! So much fantasy material to go with to be the perfect boss. There should be a "dark priest" type of class, or a evil shaman or a sort of barbarian type class. Racial skill lines are a must, right now race is only a cosmetic choice, but a skeleton should have different skills then a dragon. That's it, bye.


A game where you are the boss the game and the choices are incredible and the game is so cool I think I am addicted to it also I hope there are future changes and updates so it will be even better and maybe more levels and content 😁😁👏 love it

INCREDIBLE (could turn out as good as Fortnite)

When I got this game I thought it was a castle raiding type of game. When I realized it was not I was upset. I thought it was better. I thought about deleting it but I decided to give it an extra chance. And, it proved itself to be one of my favorite games. I love how you are the bad guy. It’s cool on how they combined all the type of tabs and quests that games with heroes have. They also, have guilds to create more excitement and more time to put in the game. I also, think the little minions are cute. It’s just a game that may not get your interest right away but it is worth getting. The excitement comes as you progress. It’s an excellent game but, it is definitely not as good as Fortnite. If you added an online battle royals mode I will consider this game almost as good as Fortnite. Also, add castles to raid and you can make and defend your own castle. I totally, would rate this game a 100/100 stars if you did that. Ut, still this game is insane and I love it!

Best free to play on App Store in my opinion

This game does everything well. Combat is fun, you don’t have to pay a single cent and can still shoot up through the rankings, guild system is great, humor is spot on. It brings back a lot of memories of hours spent in dungeons with friends. Give it a try and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

Mascot’s game

This game is for mascots and it’s really awesome

You won’t regret getting this

This game is awesome literally that is the only way I can describe this game

Nothings New

Everything is same except you look like a boss. Same game mode and same in game purchase tricks.


Issa good game

Really fun game

This is one of the first games I’ve got on my phone that I can see myself playing very often for a long time. Very Cool and Creative.

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